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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when can I see you perform?

We typically perform one series of large shows in the summer (June), and one in the winter (November/December). We also carry out smaller public performances during Pride week in Amsterdam, as well as other impromptu performances during the year.

Please check our performances section to see what’s coming next!

What sort of music do you perform?

Our repertoire is very diverse! For example, our latest summer show included pieces by Adele, Mozart, Beyoncé, Elton John and some Disney Hits. It was all rounded off by the stirring Out of the Darkness from the musical There’s Something About Jamie. We bring in a series of new songs each season to keep our repertoire fresh, and to challenge ourselves to take on something new.  

How many members are in the chorus?

Our chorus currently includes approximately 70 singers and 12 dancers. The chorus has continually grown since starting out with 30 singers in 2015.

How can I join the chorus?

Please check the joining procedure in our dedicated joining pages.

Which language(s) are used in the chorus?

To reflect the very international nature of our chorus, English is used as the main instruction language. Socially, we use lots of different languages, given that our members come from over 30 countries.

Does the chorus do other social activities apart from rehearsals and concerts?

Yes! After every rehearsal we usually meet for drinks at the nearby Polanentheatre. Members frequently meet up during the week to go to other events in and around Amsterdam, and social events are held for the whole chorus at specific times during the year.

How can I contact the chorus?

Please get in touch using our dedicated contact form.



Joining the chorus

Joining the chorus

How do I join the chorus?

To ensure that new members are happy and comfortable in the chorus, we follow a joining procedure. Please check it out here.

When can I join the chorus?

A new member intake is held approximately every six months. Please look out for these on our website or ask to be notified via our contact form. We keep our intake to these specific times because it allows new members the time to properly learn songs/dances before our major performances.

Do I have to have singing or dancing experience to join the chorus?

No, it’s not necessary to have previous singing or dancing experience to join the chorus. However if you do have previous experience of singing in a choir, or dancing in a group, this will certainly help you to advance much faster.

Do I have to do an audition or voice test?

Yes. Once you have attended an open rehearsal and have decided to join the chorus as a singer, you will be required to do a brief voice test with our Musical Director. This is a simple test to determine if you can carry a tune and to determine which voice group suits your voice best.

Do I have to be able to read music to join the chorus?

We use sheet music in all of our rehearsals and at home in order to learn our full repertoire,  ultimately with the aim of learning the songs by heart so that they can be performed without sheet music at the concerts. It’s not necessary to have previous experience in reading music but if you do, it will help you to advance faster. We can provide easy resources to help you learn the basics of reading sheet music. Also, we provide audio filess of the melodies to help you study your music.

Is there a fee to participate in the chorus?

Yes. The fee is currently 150 euros per season (6 months). This is used to cover the rental of rehearsal spaces, and to provide a fee to our specialist Musical and Artistic Directors and musician(s). The chorus is registered in the Netherlands as a charitable organisation (stichting), and all funds raised from membership fees and sale of concert tickets are re-invested in the chorus.

We understand that not everyone is able to afford these fees, and we don't want that to prevent you from joining. If the cost is a problem for you, send us an email and we will try our best to find a solution.

Do I have to live in Amsterdam to join the chorus?

No, we welcome members from the surrounding region too. You just have to be able to make it to our rehearsals in Amsterdam West (Spaarndammerbuurt)

Do I have to be a gay man to join the chorus?

We accept all people who identify as men, regardless of biological sex. Bisexual and queer men are also welcome.



Where and when are rehearsals held?

We typically rehearse once a week, on Wednesday evenings from 19:30 until 22:00.

Singers rehearse at: Horizon Centre, Hembrugstraat 156, 1013 XC Amsterdam

Dancers rehearse at: Polanentheater, Polanenstraat 174, 1013 WC Amsterdam

At certain times of the year, in the lead up to our major concerts we also add occasional Sunday rehearsals at different locations in Amsterdam. The whole chorus receives a planning schedule at the beginning of the season, and these extra rehearsals are communicated in advance to help everyone plan ahead.


We usually take a break from rehearsals during Christmas, New Year and in the summer (some of July and most of August). However the fun continues as our members get together and socialise throughout the year.

What happens at rehearsals?

Under the direction of our Musical Director and Artistic Directors, singers and dancers work separately to practice the songs for our upcoming shows. As we get nearer to the shows, we all rehearse together. Our rehearsals usually include a 15-minute break (for drinks and socialising) and we also socialise at the bar of the Polanentheater after rehearsals too.  Our rehearsals require focus and dedication, but they are also fun. We're proud of the many friendships that have blossomed throughout our chorus!

What do I have to bring to rehearsals?


-        Your sheet music  (printed, or on a tablet, reading from your phone is not allowed)

-        A bottle of water

-        A pencil and eraser


-        Clothing in which you can dance (for example, shorts, t-shirt/singlet, and sneakers)

-        A towel  (you will sweat!)

-        A bottle of water

What happens if I have to miss a rehearsal?

A high quality performance depends on everyone knowing their part and their role in the shows. We therefore expect you to attend at least 75% of our rehearsals if you want to perform with the group. Attending the last two rehearsals before shows is also mandatory, in order to perform. Of course, other commitments come up which could cause you to miss a rehearsal. In this case, we ask you to communicate this to your section leader in advance.


Do I have to practise at home?

Yes. Practicing at home will help you and the whole group to move forward. Sheet music and recordings are provided for all members, as well as choreography videos. We suggest that you practice around 15-minutes per day. As we get closer to big concerts, sections of the chorus often rehearse in groups at home.



Do I have to have performing experience to join the rehearsals or concerts?

No, we welcome members with all levels of experience.  

When and where are performances held?

We typically perform one series of large shows in the summer (June), and one in the winter (November/December). We also carry out smaller public performances during Pride week in Amsterdam, as well as other impromptu performances during the year.

Can I volunteer at chorus events?

Yes, we often appeal for volunteers at our large concerts to help with welcoming our audience, checking tickets and other important tasks. Please get in touch via our contact form!

Hiring/booking the chorus

Hiring/booking the chorus

Is it possible to book the chorus for a private event?

Yes! We are happy to consider private bookings for companies and organisations that share our values. It is important to plan at least three months in advance, to give the chorus time to prepare, and choose a performance time when members are likely to be available. Please get in touch via our contact form, and we will be happy to discuss timing, facilities and fees.

How much does it cost to book the chorus for a private event?

The cost depends on the timing of the event, and how complex the show will be. We are happy to discuss costs and requirements for you on demand. Since our chorus is quite large, we require a large performance space; of course we're happy to discuss any technical requirements on demand.

How far in advance should I book the chorus for an event?

It is important to plan at least three months in advance, to give the chorus time to prepare, and choose a performance time when members are likely to be available.

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