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The Amsterdam Gay Men's Chorus has become well known for its fun, lively and innovative performances that touch all the emotions.


Here, we present a selection of photos and videos from our past concerts. You can also find more on our social media channels:

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A Fairy Merry Little Holiday - Winter Show 2022

Our Winter Show was held on 10th December 2022 at the Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam.
Photo credits: ​@CarmenRuggeriPhotographer & @Irena.Mila

Badtime Stories - Summer Show 2022

Our 2022 Summer Show was held on 17-18 June 2022 at the Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam. Photo credit: ​Eep Seeber/@eepphoto

ZaanPride - June 2022

Our 2022 ZaanPride performance was held at the Westzijderkerk (Bullekerk) in Zaandam.

 Photo credit: ​Various

Aidsfonds Fundraiser - November 2021